The Friends Neighborhood (the Guild) was founded in 1879 and is a settlement house and neighborhood center. It exists to serve and respond to the needs of the people in its community, particularly those people who are less able to help themselves. Pursuant to that mission, the Guild provides social serves, seeks to improve the quality of life of its neighbors, and assists in the development of leadership and organization through which community residents may more effectively pursue their common objectives.
Underlying the endeavor to accomplish this mission is the recognition that we must continually seek to improve our understanding of the root causes of the problems which we strive to address, and ultimately address these root causes as well as the human needs which result from them.
While the mission of the Guild may change over time, as the needs and priorities of its community may change, its underlying premise remains constant: The Guild exists to serve the needs of its entire community, and especially those less able to help themselves.
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